English Writing Practice: Topic 14 – Should university students be required to attend classes?

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Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer

English Writing Practice: Topic 14 – Sample 1

Nowadays, it becomes a heatedly debated topic whether a student should be required to attend classes or not. Some people hold the opinion that the university students should be required to go to classes. However, others have a negative attitude. If I were forced to agree with one of the two positions, I would stand behind the latter. My Arguments for this point are listed as follows.

agree with the statement that going to classes should be optional for university students without reservation since I believe a student is supposed to attend those classes he or she is interested in. Naturally, interest is the mother of study. When attracted by a wonderful class, you will attend it unforcedly and immediately.

Nevertheless, not all classes are so popular in reality and no one has interest in every class. Consequently, you should select the classes you like to attend for a higher efficiency of studying. It can be given a good example, in current universities, many excellent students almost have the record of skipping some boring and undesirable classes.

Another reason that can be seen by every one is that it contributes to build a university student’s ability of learning by himself or herself. Obviously, by choosing good and meaningful classes, giving up those undesirable, or studying these classes you can not attend somehow by yourself, you will learn how to distribute your study time and acquire the capability of learning by yourself, which is tremendously important to modern university students. Many celebrities, such as Bill Gates, have such powerful ability by not attending some classes when they were in university.

Admittedly, being required to attend classes has advantages of disciplining the student, however, considering most university students can discipline themselves on their own, I believe it is sagacious to agree with that going to classes should be optional for college or university students.

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English Writing Practice: Topic 14 – Sample 2

Should university students be required to attend classes? There are two different opinions. Some people claim that attending classed is a must to students. Other people, however, argue that it should be for students to decide whether they want to go to class or not. As far as I am concerned, no matter whether students like it or not, they must attend classes.

Students who don’t like to go to classes have their reasons. The main one is, they can learn knowledge by themselves. If they were asked to attend the class in which the professor teaches something they already have known, it would be a pain. Not attending class, students can control their time more freely and are likely not to waste time.

Although I agree that there may be one or two advantages to not attending class, I insist that the advantages of joining classes far over weigh them. In the first place, professors can teach students a lot of things that cannot be obtained from books. In Chinese dictionary, a university is defined to be a place where teachers forward what they know to students. In the book, normally there is just concentrated knowledge. How the writer gets and develops it is a question. How to answer this question? Go to the class. The professor will not only teach you some knowledge, but also let you know how to use and develop it. As a Chinese slang says, ” Owning a key is owning a house.” That is the most important reason people want to study in university.

In the second place, you will be benefited from discussing with your classmates if attending classes. Different people have their own special capability. One people cannot be good at every aspect. What is the best way to share your knowledge with others and learn from others? Go to the class. Professor always gives some topics for students to discuss. In the discussion, you will be surprised that so many great fresh thoughts are pushing to you from your colleagues and they are free.

In conclusion, I believe that students should attend classes not only because professors can teach you the method of how to master and develop knowledge, but also because students can learn from each other in the class. In short, attend classes if you select to attend university.

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