English Writing Practice: Best Daily Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills


English Writing Practice: Best Daily Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

You wish to improve your English language skills and be able to read bestessayservicesradar reviews, success stories, and other fascinating pieces of writing? Awesome! There are different opportunities for doing so. For instance, the next time you go after writing a 500-word essay, consider that a way to master the English language. But exactly how can we achieve improvement through daily tasks? That is what we are about to see below.

Daily lists

You can move upwards toward a better grasp of the English language through writing daily lists and tasks in English. Put down on the paper what you need to do throughout the day.

After you’ve some experience on such lists and tasks writing, try doing your grocery shopping lists in English. With writing such lists you practice not only the food items in English but also how to think and create concepts in English in your mind.

For those who keep calendar schedules, events and different appointments give you a go at practicing your writing skills.

Keep a journal

An incredibly easy way to better your skills and, through doing so, become a master of the written English language. Here you simply log something in your journal daily, even if it is barely a single sentence. Put it on your nightstand and jot down thoughts at whatever time feels comfortable. Or keep it on your desk and scribble something down whenever you have the time.

Comment online

Should you be among the audience of YouTube videos or if you browse online forums, why don’t you try to put down a comment. This could be an entirely new comment or a give a reply to someone else. Remember, if you want to find comments in English, it’s most likely to happen if you watch or read in English.

Or whenever you see something that inspires you on Facebook, why don’t you comment under that, as well

Haiku writing

Haiku represents a poem that consists of barely three lines. On the first line you need to have 5 syllables. Next, the second should contain 7 syllables. Lastly, the third also comprises of five syllables.

Haikus aren’t too hard to be written. Still, writing one that makes sense is a bit harder.

You can check the number of syllables online in different dictionaries.

Use Twitter

For tweeting, must collect your thoughts in 140 characters. Thus, tweeting can be a way of improving how you approach writing and presenting information.

Sure, you may not want everybody to see what are you writing. In those cases, you can keep on private. But it could be a pleasure to see what people comment and to respond to them.

Check out inspirational quotes

There are tons of those online and they can help you reach motivational, inspirational, and psychological levels you weren’t aware of. But we are mentioning them because you can use them to help you with English writing.

Write them out, make sure you understand them, and carefully think them through.

Postcard exchange

If you opt for postcard exchange you can both make yourself happier and a stranger happier. This allows you to receive and send mail that is written in English.

There are some organizations that provide chances for such. You will simply sign up in them. Then you receive an address. This is the address to which you need to send the postcard. After the recipient get it, they will send you one back.


Dictation gives you the chance to combine writing and reading. Here you are basically listening to audio files and writing down all you hear just the way you hear it.

If you are going to do it on your own, use audios with transcripts so that you can compare.

Sleep journal

Keep a diary by your bed and write down what you’ve dreamt right after you wake up. Of course, jott it down in English to get the so-desired practice.

That method allows you to think of different ways to say certain things. Especially, since dreams are weird, you will be required to come up with imaginative ways to describe them.


If you wish to be more creative and expressive in your writing, you can go for blogging. You can tell stories, write articles, give advice or ask for such. You can use different approaches to writing and mix them up if you feel like it. That gives you a great practice for your writing style and general English skills.


Sure, other ways to better your English exist, too. Generally, the best advice we can give is to immerse yourself in English. Listen to English videos, read books in English, speak to foreign speakers. Of course, sometimes that can be too time-consuming. You may need to cope up with learning with just a few minutes a day. In such cases you can do fairly well by following the suggestions we’ve written above. They are proven to work and give you decisive practice that you need to improve.

We are sure you’ve read ton of materials and you’ve probably tried a bit of this and a bit of that. But generally, most methods require dedicated practice of, perhaps, a few hours several times a day. Still, not all of us can dedicate that much time to learning. We might be working, studying, having a family, etc. In such cases the only way we can learn is through a few moments a day. Some may say that is impossible. But they aren’t right. It is quite possible indeed to get better at writing English if you follow daily some of the tips we presented above. They are selected to require just a bit of time and they are implemented with asks that you do daily nevertheless. We wish you luck on your learning journey.