Can Paraphrasing Tools Improve Your Writing Skills? (With Paraphrasing Examples)


Looking for ways to improve your writing skills? Well, we have something that you might find quite useful in this regard. No matter whether you are writing for many years or you are just starting out as a writer, these few tips are effective for everyone writing any type of content.

Recently, more and more writers are leaning towards paraphrasing tools to come up with better content. These tools not only produce plagiarism-free content, but they also help you get a deeper understanding of the rules of grammar as well as the language.

In this article, we will show you how paraphrasing tools can improve your writing skills and what are some of the basic features that most of these tools offer so stay with us till the very end.

What are paraphrasing tools?

The paraphrasing tool is an application that uses AI to convert some old material into a new, plagiarism-free, and readable form that doesn’t match any other source. These tools replace words with their suitable synonyms and rearrange certain sentences while keeping the theme of the content in mind.

Paraphrasers are extremely effective since they can convert any type of text into a new form in a matter of just a few seconds using AI-based algorithms, NLP technology, and tools to find and remove grammar, spelling, and plagiarism mistakes.

Using a Paraphrasing tool, you can adjust the style, tone, and feel of the text to your needs in no time. These tools keep the readability of the content to a near-human level which means the final output is always more accurate as well as readable.

Ways in which Paraphrasing Tools Improve Your Writing Skills

There is no doubt that paraphrasing tools save your time and energy while helping you learn new and better ways to express your thoughts and views. But how exactly do these tools accomplish this task? This is what we will be looking at in this next section.

Here are some of the main ways these tools can improve your skills as an SEO content writer or a book author

  • Better Paragraphs and Passages

One way to write better content and to keep your readers engaged in the content longer is by giving them informative and engaging paragraphs to read. Paraphrasing tools take any type of text and after identifying the complex words and unnecessary phrases, these tools eliminate them so that the final content is always more readable than the source.

To give you an example, let’s take a look at the following paragraph,

“In a paper published in September 1905, Einstein proposed a better way of thinking about the mechanics of objects approaching very fast speeds. This concept is known as Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. It gave us a new way of looking at the understanding of physics at the time.”

This text is not entirely wrong. However, there is not a consistent flow of information which puts some readers off. Here is how a paraphrasing tool can make it better:

As you can clearly see, the paraphrasing tool has made some changes that make the content more readable and the paragraph appears well-written without any mistakes.

  • Better Sentence Flow

Paraphrasing tools help you write clear and concise sentences. They make certain changes so that the information flows properly in each sentence. This prevents the randomness in your content which leads to more engaging and attractive output. 

To understand how these tools improve the sentence flow in your content, let’s take the following sentence as an example:

The problem with the new society is not that there are no moral and ethical values, instead it is the inability to follow these values.

In the paraphrased sentence, as you can see, there are fewer words, and the same information is conveyed with more clarity. This makes the sentences look better in terms of the flow of information. 

  • Improving Content Tone

Content with a consistent tone has short sentences, fewer mistakes, engaging paragraphs, proper length, and a smooth merging of the words and phrases. These types of sentences are not easy to write especially for beginners in this field.

With paraphrasing tools, you can easily enter the text and select the tone feature which focuses on the readability of your material. This leads to uniformity and consistency in your material.

Content with a consistent  tone and style is always appreciated more by the readers and they find it worth their time. Following is an example that clearly shows how these tools affect the tone of your content:

Excessive use of oil and natural gas is going to create so many environmental issues and there is a need to take serious measures to prevent this disaster from happening. This is why it is our individual and collective responsibility to reduce this unnecessary waste.

As you can see, in a matter of just a few seconds, the paraphrasing tool has given an entirely new form and a much better tone to your old and dull content.

  • Removing Wordiness

If your content has repetitive elements, again and again, it gives out a very bad impression and the readers start to question your ability as a writer. Paraphrasing tools can identify such stuff and get rid of it instantly.

This makes your content more straightforward as well as concise. In order to understand this feature of these tools, let’s take a look at the following example:

Success is the result of consistent hard work and struggle. Without struggle and intense hard work and discipline, one cannot be truly successful. 

The paraphrased version contains fewer words as compared to the original text which makes it more accurate and readable. This way, you can easily create material without repetition which makes it look more authentic and original.

  • Zero-Plagiarism

Almost every writer, at one time or another, finds it hard to remove plagiarism from his/her content. No matter how many ways they try, they just cannot find unique words to put their thoughts in.

Paraphrasing tools use AI to help such people get out of this issue. These tools have a huge database of words and phrases to replace in your content which means they can easily create content that matches no other online source.

Thus, getting rid of plagiarism becomes very easy and quick with the help of paraphrasing tools. This is why we urge you to make use of these tools whenever you feel frustrated while writing content.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the most common ways in which paraphrasing tools can help you become a better writer. These tools help you build better vocabulary, and they improve your understanding of the rules of grammar.

With paraphrasing tools, you don’t have to waste a lot of your time and energy coming up with new words and phrases which makes writing much less stressful even for beginners.

These tools not only remove plagiarism, but they also detect and remove spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and sentence agreement issues.

We really hope you have learned something of value here and we wish you lots of luck in your journey toward becoming the best writer.

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