Short Stories in English: Try to Tell the Truth

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Your grandma told you not to lie. Your grandpa told you not to lie. Your mother said to tell the truth. Your father said to tell the truth. You try to tell the truth. You try to tell the truth all the time. But you cannot tell the truth all the time. No one can tell the truth all the time. Everyone lies sometimes. Your mother lies sometimes. Your father lies sometimes. Your teacher lies sometimes. You lie sometimes. You lie to be polite. You lie to protect someone you love. You lie to protect yourself. You lie when you get caught. You lie to get something you want. You lie to be popular. You lie to avoid work. You lie to your family. You lie to your friends. You lie to strangers. It’s normal to lie. Some people say that lying is bad. They say that lying is evil. They say that they never lie. That is a big lie. Of course, they lie sometimes! Everyone lies sometimes. Lying is like laughing; it is part of life.

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