Everyday English Conversations Practice : Lesson 8 – Coincidences

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MEG: Well, hello there, Julia! Long time no see!

JULIA: Meg! Hi! What a coincidence! I haven’t seen you in ages! What are you doing here?

MEG: I just got a new job in the city, so I’m shopping for some clothes. Hey, what do you think of this shirt?

JULIA: Hmmm … well, you know how much I love blue. See? I’ve got the same shirt!

MEG: You always did have good taste! What a small world


Well, hello there … Notice the emphasis on “hello,” which shows that Meg did not expect to see Julia.
Long time, no see! This is a common expression used to say hello to someone you
haven’t seen in a long time.
What a ___! This exclamation shows a great degree of surprise, joy, disappointment, etc. (What a surprise to see you here! What a joy to have you with us! What a shame that you have to leave so soon! What a wonderful idea that is!)
• You always did have good taste! Notice the stress on “did,” which Meg uses to emphasize the fact that Julia DOES have good taste! Meg says it in a joking way because Julia likes the same thing that she does.
What a small world is a common expression used to describe a chance meeting or other such coincidence.

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