Everyday English Conversations Practice : Lesson 6 – A Telephone Call

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OHN: Hi, Alice, it’s John. How are you?

ALICE: Oh, hi, John! I was just thinking about you.

JOHN: That’s nice. I was wondering if you’d like to go to a movie tonight.

ALICE: Sure, I’d love to! What’s playing?

JOHN: I was thinking about that new comedy Lights Out. What do you think?

ALICE: Sounds great!

JOHN: OK, I’ll pick you up around 7:30. The movie starts at 8:00.

ALICE: See you then. Bye!


Hi, Alice, it’s John: Hi, ____, it’s ____ is a casual and friendly way to say hello on the phone. Although “it’s” means “it is,” it is used to mean “I am” here.
Oh, hi, John! Notice the rising intonation here. Alice is excited to hear from John and is very pleased that he called her.
I was wondering if you’d like to … This is a polite and indirect way of asking “Do you want to …?” John is nervous and does not want to appear too direct or bold. Notice how the question goes up at the end, which shows that he is not overly confident.
Sure! I’d love to mean “Yes, I would love to.” Notice that Alice is very enthusiastic and friendly. She wants John to feel comfortable about asking her out on a date.
I was thinking about … / What do you think? Again, John does not want to appear too bold. He wants to give Alice a chance to suggest a movie.
Sounds great! Is an informal way of saying “That is a good plan.”
I’ll pick you up is an informal way of saying “I’ll come to your house so that we can go together.”

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