Advanced Phrasal verbs in context: Lesson 1 – “have a memory like a sieve”

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What is a Phrasal Verb?

Firstly, let’s outline briefly what a phrasal verb actually is!

Have you ever noticed how when you sometimes add a seemingly tiny word like a preposition or an adverb after a verb, the meaning can completely change? Crazy, huh? That’s phrasal verbs. They’re a little bit wacky.


Today, we would like to share with you an advanced phrasal verb: have a memory like a sieve

Personalities of a person

Date range: January 20 to February 18

You are practical and realistic about what is important in life – you have your feet firmly on the ground. You are intelligent and love thinking up new ideas but you sometimes have a memory like a sieve . Once you have made a promise, you never go back on it. You like change, and often wear outrageous clothes that make you stand out in a crowd.

have a memory like a sieve: If you have a memory or mind like a sieve, you forget things very easily.)

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