Discovering Christmas ❁ Christmas Around the World: Britain, Russia, USA, Canada, Sweden, China, Japan,

Each year Christmas is celebrated throughout the world with great religiosity and festivity, however, the pattern of celebration varies according to cultures

In Britain, family members take turns in stirring the pudding mix clockwise while making a wish. Some even put coins, rings or thimbles for good luck. In Russia Christmas is celebrated on January 7th instead of December 25th. This is because the Orthodox Church, where most Russians pay worship, still uses the old Julian calendar for religious festivity.
Just like the Comi-con, U.S.A celebrates a unique Santa-con festival. New York gather dressed as Santa dressed up as Christmas characters. You will see a lot of Santas, elves, snowmen and snow women. In the northern region of the country, people participate in a Taffy Pull-in honor of Saint Catharine-patron saint of single women. For single women out there, this is the ideal chance to meet the man of your dreams.

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