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aware adjective

Synonyms: aware, conscious, alert, informed, mindful
Antonyms: unaware, ignorant


aware: knowing about things that are happening or about facts
Example: I’m not aware of any problem.  Is he aware that we have to decide

conscious: awake and able to know what is happening around you
Example: She was conscious during the operation.

alert: watching or listening carefully, ready to notice something
Example: The patient is still very alert mentally.  Young people have to be alert to
the dangers of drugs.

informed: having a lot of information, or having the latest information
Example: The programme is aimed at highly informed viewers.

mindful: remembering or thinking about something carefully when doing
Example: He is mindful of his responsibilities as a parent.  You should be mindful
of the risks you are taking.

unaware: not knowing facts, or not realising that something is happening

not knowing things that it is important to know

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