Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary -Lesson 3: Anger (noun)

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Anger (noun)

Synonyms: anger, annoyance, irritation, resentment, fury, rage
Antonym: calmness

anger: a feeling of being very annoyed
Example: He managed to control his anger.  She couldn’t hide the anger she felt.

annoyance: a feeling of being slightly upset or impatient
Example: There was a tone of annoyance in her voice.

irritation: a feeling of being annoyed and impatient
Example: She watched with irritation as he tried to fix the wheel again.

resentment: the feeling of being angry and upset about something that someone else has
Example: The decision caused a lot of resentment among local people.

fury: very strong anger
Example: He shouted at us in fury.

rage: sudden extreme anger
Example: Her face was red with rage.

calmness: the state of being quiet and calm

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