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collect verb

Synonyms: collect, gather, assemble, hoard

collect: to bring things or people together, or to come together
Example: We collected information from all the people who offered to help. crowd collected at the scene of the accident.

gather: to come together in one place, or be brought together by someone
Example: Groups of people gathered outside the government building. They gathered together a team of experienced people for the new project.

assemble: to come together in a place, or to be brought together by someone, especially formally or in an ordered way
Example: We’ll assemble outside the hotel at 9 a.m. They assembled a panel of
experts to renew the project. Assemble all the items you need for the cake
before you start making it.

hoard: to buy and store supplies of something essential that you think you will
need in a crisis
Example: Everyone started hoarding fuel during the strike.

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