cold adjective

Synonyms: cold, cool, freezing, frozen, icy
Antonyms: warm, hot, boiling

cold: with a low temperature
Example: It’s too cold to go for a walk. If you’re hot, have a glass of cold water. 
He had a plate of cold beef and salad.

cool: cold in a pleasant way, or colder than you would like or than you expect
Example: It was hot on deck but nice and cool down below. Wines should be stored in a cool cellar. The evenings were rather cool, so we sat inside.

freezing: very cold, or close to the temperature at which water freezes
Example: It’s freezing outside.

frozen: at a temperature below that at which water freezes
Example: We went skating on the frozen lake.

icy: covered with ice, or very cold
Example:  Be careful, the pavement is icy.  An icy wind was blowing

warm: fairly hot

hot: very warm; with a high temperature

boiling: very hot