Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary -Lesson 10: Beginner (noun)

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beginner noun

Synonyms: beginner, apprentice, novice, learner
Antonyms: expert, old hand


beginner: a person who is starting to learn something or do something
Example: The course is for absolute beginners.  I can’t paint very well – I’m just a beginner.

apprentice: a young person who works as an assistant to a skilled person in order to
learn from them
Example: He’s started work as a plumber’s apprentice.

novice: a person who has very little experience or skill, e.g. in a job or sport
Example: He’s still a novice at rowing.  A competition like this is not for novices.

learner: a person who is learning how to do something
Example: The evening swimming classes are specially for adult learners.  The new
dictionary is good for advanced learners of English.

a person who knows a great deal about a subject
old hand
a person who is very skilled and experienced at doing something

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