Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary -Lesson 1-01

Ability (noun)

Synonyms: ability, skill, competence, talent, capability
Antonym: inability


ability: a natural tendency to do something well
Example: I admire his ability to stay calm in difficult situations.

skill: the ability to do something well as a result of training or experience
Example: Portrait painting needs a lot of skill.  This job will help you develop
management skills.

competence: the quality of being able to do a job or task well enough
Example: Does she have the necessary competence in foreign languages?

talent: an usually good natural ability, especially for something artistic
She’s done well in the theatre – we always knew she had talent.

capability: the practical ability to do something
Example: We have the capability to produce a better machine than this.

inability: the state of being unable to do something

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