Phrasal Verbs and Idioms for English Speaking | Lesson 5 – Elementary Level

1. to shake hands: to exchange greetings by clasping hands

  • Ex: When people meet for the first time, they usually shake hands.
  • Ex: The student warmly shook hands with his old professor.
2. to get back: to return

  • Ex: Mr. Harris got back from his business trip to Chicago this morning.
  • Ex: Could you get the children back home by five o’clock?
3. to catch cold: to become sick with a cold of the nose for throat

  • Ex: If you go out in this rain, you will surely catch cold.
  • Ex: How did she ever catch cold in such warm weather?
4. to get over: to recover from an illness; to accept a loss or sorrow

  • Ex: It took me over a month to get over my cold, but I’m finally well now.
  • Ex: It seems that Mr. Mason will never get over the death of his wife.
5. to make up one’s mind: to reach a decision, to decide finally

  • Ex: Sally is considering several colleges to attend, but she hasn’t made up
    her mind yet.
  • Ex: When are you going to make up your mind about your vacation plans?
6. to change one’s mind: to alter one’s decision or opinion

  • Ex: We have changed our minds and are going to Canada instead of California this summer.
  • Ex: Matthew has changed his mind several times about buying a new cat.
7. for the time being: temporarily (also: for now)

  • Ex: For the time being, Janet is working as a waitress, but she really hopes to become an actress soon.
  • Ex: We’re living in an apartment for now, but soon we’ll be looking for a house to buy.
 8. for good: permanently, forever

  • Ex: Ruth has returned to Canada for good. She won’t ever live in the United States again.
  • Ex: Are you finished with school for good, or will you continue your studies some day?
9. to call off: to cancel

  • Ex: The referee called off the soccer game because of the darkness.
  • Ex: The president called the meeting off because she had to leave town.
10. to put off: to postpone

  • Ex: Many student’s put off doing their assignments until the last minute.
  • Ex: Let’s put the party off until next weekend, okay?
11. in a hurry: hurried, rushed (also: in a rush)

  • Ex: Alex seems in a hurry; he must be late for his train again.
  • Ex: She’s always in a rush in the morning to get the kids to school.