Learn English Grammar: Lesson 5 – Adjectives

An adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun.

Adjectives: good, delicious, happy, interesting, important, serious, green, cold, many, Mexican, French, English, Chinese, difficult, clean, six

Adjectives answer the questions “Which?” “How many?” “What kind?” For example, this sentence has three adjectives:

Ex: My white cat sometimes eats two pieces of fried chicken.

Which cat?                 How many pieces?           What kind of chicken?

In English, adjectives can come after be or before nouns.

  1. after be:  Ex: Canada is big.
  2. before noun: Ex: Canada is a big country.
  3. after be: Ex: Elvis Presley was very popular.
  4. before noun: Elvis Presley was a very popular singer.

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