Learn English Grammar: Lesson 4 – Prepositions

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Learn English Grammar: Lesson 4 – Prepositions

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun (or pronoun) and the rest of the sentence.

Common Prepositions

about at                  for near                   on until
above before          from next to               to with
after by                 in of                     under without

Prepositions have many purposes, but they often give us information about  place and direction.

place: in the classroom on the table near the bank
under the car at the hotel next to my car
time: in the morning in March in 1985
in ten minutes for ten minutes at 9:45
on Monday from noon until midnight
direction: to the bank from the bank

The combination of a preposition with its object (and any modifiers or describing words) is called a prepositional phrase.

preposition + modifier(s) + object = prepositional phrase

  • in                that                      classroom = in that classroom
  • under          our old red            sofa = under our old red sofa
  • on               the second             floor = on the second floor

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