Learn English Grammar: Lesson 12 – Noncount Nouns

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Learn English Grammar: Lesson 12 – Noncount Nouns

Nouns that cannot be counted are called noncount nouns. Noncount nouns can refer to:

ideas intelligence peace honesty importance
sports tennis football running swimming
terms in nature snow thunder electricity water
subjects mathematics engineering English history
collective words luggage furniture advice homework


Do not use a or an with a noncount noun. Do not make a noncount noun plural.

Incorrect:      a homework           many furnitures          a mail           some equipments

Correct:         homework              furniture                 mail             equipment

When the subject of a sentence is a noncount noun, remember to use the third person singular verb form. This is the same verb form that goes with the subject it.

Incorrect:         Bread are my favorite snack.

Correct:            Bread is my favorite snack.

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