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One of the best ways to improve communication skills is to become familiar with the language by reading, building vocabulary, and discussing what you study in daily conversations. Helena Daily English blog provides the Daily English knowledge that you can study and then try to apply in everyday situations

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Learning American idioms through conversation can be an effective and engaging way to grasp the nuances of language. Idioms are often deeply rooted in culture, and understanding them can provide insight into the social context of conversations.

Summary of the conversation between Paul and Doctor

Paul visits the doctor with a painful toe, which he believes is broken due to dropping a desk on it while helping his brother move. The doctor confirms the injury and recalls Paul’s previous visit for sprained fingers. The doctor informs Paul that he won’t be able to walk for eight weeks.

Paul expresses concern about an upcoming camping trip in six weeks, and the doctor suggests that with rest and intensive physical therapy, Paul might be able to participate. The doctor advises Paul to follow instructions and take it easy during the trip. They discuss bandaging the foot, monitoring swelling, and scheduling a follow-up appointment in two weeks. Paul agrees to comply and schedules the follow-up before leaving. The doctor emphasizes the importance of taking it easy, and Paul promises to do so.

American idiom list and example

  1. To be tied up with something or someone: To be busy
    • Example: “I can’t join the meeting right now; I’m tied up with a project deadline.”
  2. To be killing someone: To be very painful
    • Example: “My headache is killing me; I need to take a break.”
  3. A beauty: A very good or vivid example of something
    • Example: “That car crash was a beauty—completely smashed up.”
  4. To do a number on something: To damage, destroy, or hurt something badly
    • Example: “The storm did a number on our garden; we’ll have to replant everything.”
  5. A surefire way to do something: A way that will definitely have a certain outcome or result
    • Example: “Following the recipe exactly is a surefire way to make a delicious cake.”
  6. To live something down: To be allowed to forget about an embarrassing situation
    • Example: “I spilled coffee on the boss during the meeting; I’ll never live that down!”
  7. To outdo yourself: To do something very well
    • Example: “You really outdid yourself with this dinner—it’s amazing!”
  8. A tall order: An unusually difficult request
    • Example: “Completing the project in just one day is a tall order, but we’ll do our best.”
  9. To be out of the question: To be impossible to accomplish
    • Example: “Going on a vacation right now is out of the question; I have too much work.”
  10. To be back in the saddle: To return to your normal activities, especially after an illness or injury
    • Example: “After recovering from the flu, I’m finally back in the saddle at work.”
  11. To handle something: To cope with or manage a situation
    • Example: “She can handle difficult customers with ease.”
  12. To be a piece of cake: To be very easy
    • Example: “Solving that math problem was a piece of cake for him.”
  13. To take it easy: To do things slowly and carefully
    • Example: “After a hectic week, I just want to take it easy this weekend.”
  14. To baby someone or something: To treat very carefully and with great sensitivity
    • Example: “She babies her plants, watering them every day and talking to them.”
  15. To keep an eye on: To watch carefully
    • Example: “Can you keep an eye on my bag while I go grab a coffee?”
  16. To get in touch with: To contact, to talk to someone
    • Example: “I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I have more information.”
  17. To drop by: To visit someone.
    • Example: “Feel free to drop by my place anytime; I’d love to see you.”

Conversation between Paul and Doctor

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