English Writing Practice: Topic 5 – Should a Factory be built in your Community?

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A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

English Writing Practice: Topic 5 – Sample 1

I have been living in a peace and quiet town for about 10 years. All people around here is so kind, and the landscape is so beautiful that I love this town very much. Recently I heard news that a company will set up a new factory near my community. I was shocked and I hold a negative opinion about this decision.

The main reason why I oppose this plan is that establishing a new factory will cause air pollution. As we know, a factory will give off a lot of waste air which is harmful to people’s health. Even though the factory will take measurements to purify the air, it can not make the air as clean as before. It is no doubt that people’s health will be affected by the air emitted from the factory. Another reason is that a factory makes too much noise.

My community is always a quiet place and this is just what I like the most. A factory will cause the town to become too noisy. For example, every morning, we can be awake from our dreams by the noise of buses which take workers to the factory. The noise of engines will also influent our temper, and may cause us susceptible to anger, and easily lose temper. Furthermore, a strong reason to oppose this idea is that building a factory will destroy the landscape of this town. Most people living in this town make their living by cultivating and harvesting crops. The factory is inappropriate with the landscape of the town and it will occupy the land that is used to farming.

Of course, building a factory also has advantages to some extent. For example, it will bring more working opportunity for local people, and also it will help developing the local economics. But comparing with the disadvantages, I strongly oppose the idea to build a factory near my community.

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English Writing Practice: Topic 5 – Sample 2

I support the idea that a factory to be built near our community. I list my reasons as follows.

Firstly, a new factory near our community helps to improve living standard of people in our community.  The factory will employ a lot of workers. As a consequence, the unemployment rate will drop significantly. Many people in our community will find a job in the factory. As people’s income increases, they will be able to spend more money on their food, clothing and leisure time, and the quality of life will be increased.

Secondly, a new factory will bring prosperity to our community. The tax collected from a factory is an important source of revenue for our town. As people have higher income, income tax collected will also be increased. The town will be able to spend more money on infrastructures and other development. Moreover, in order to accommodate more workers, more homes and stores will be needed. This will boost real estate development in our community. Some people say that a factory would bring smog and pollution, and destroy the quality of the air and water in town. This is not the truth. Modern technologies have made today’s factories technology intensive and brought pollutions to the minimum. There are also worries that the social structure of this community will be changed and the traditional life will be affected. We should understand that society needs to evolve and we cannot always stay in the old time.

Of course, there will be some drawbacks of building a new factory here. But in my opinion, the benefits outweigh the dangers. I strongly support to build a factory here, and hope that others feel the same way.

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