English Writing Practice: Topic 25 – Does the neighborhood need a new shopping center?

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It has recently been announced that a large shopping center may be built in your neighborhood. Do you support or oppose this plan? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

English Writing Practice: Topic 25 – Sample 1

There are both advantages and disadvantages of establishing a shopping mall in our neighborhood. I am worried about traffic and how it will affect our community. However, I believe it will benefit local business and increase appreciations for local area. All in all, I think it is a good idea.

For those what I am worried about, traffic congestion and parking problem are obverse. First of all, traffic congestion is always a concern when building something new. Our streets are narrow, with parking on both sides. A shopping center will certainly bring more traffic than ever before, and heavy traffic means big congestion. At the same time, parking is also a problem in this area. There are few garages attached to houses. Most of residents depend on finding spaces on the street for parking. If a shopping mall is build, we must compete with customers and patrons for those parking spaces. Furthermore, if the shopping center offers valet parking service, it would be even worse because valet parking works in terms to grab every possible spaces available in street.

On the other hand, building up a shopping center will give this neighborhood more opportunities and benefits. Residents in this area could certainly take the job that shopping center offers. People would earn more money and spend on other business, such as entertainment and education, which are operating in our neighborhood or adjacent communities.

As a result, not only local business but also inter-community business boosts up and a prodigious amount of fortune will be accumulated to our neighborhood. A shopping center can also attract people to visit our community. When they drive to the shopping center, they will see what a nice place this area is to live. Therefore, we would have an increasing number of residents in the next couple of years. It is very important to introduce new numbers because we have lost many residents to suburbs during recent years.

In a short, there are several details to consider when planning a shopping center. In my part, I support to have a new shopping center in my community because its advantages outweigh disadvantages.

English Writing Practice: Topic 25 – Sample 2

There would be both advantages and disadvantages to having a shopping center built in my neighborhood. One advantage would be the convenience. I would like to have all those stores close by. Shopping would be much easier and faster because I wouldn’t have to drive great distances to get to the stores.

A shopping center, would mean more choices, because there would be more stores selling different products. I might have a movie theater nearby, because so many shopping centers these days include movie theaters in their plans. Most shopping centers also have restaurants and a food court. That means a greater variety of places to eat in our area.

Having a shopping center built in the neighborhood would also mean more jobs for the community. Initially, these jobs would be in the building of the center. Later the jobs would be in the stores, theaters, and food establishments.

Of course, there would be some disadvantages. Probably the biggest problem would be traffic. A lot of people would be coming to the shopping center. They’d drive through our neighborhood to get to the center. In addition, if there wasn’t enough parking at the center, they might look for parking spaces near our homes.

A shopping center might also invite more crime into our neighborhood. Parking lots after dark are a big temptation to robbers. They know people are there with money to spend. The shopping center might also become a place where unruly teenagers would gather. This could cause trouble. Our town would need a community center for them to go to instead.

On the whole, though, I think my neighborhood should support having a shopping center built here. It would bring more variety to our shopping, give us the opportunity to amuse ourselves at movie theaters and restaurants, and bring more jobs into the area.

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