English Writing Practice: Topic 2 – Are Parents best teachers?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

English Writing Practice: Topic 2 – Sample 1

Who teaches you to walk? Who teaches you to speak? It is your parents who teach you to do these basic things in your life. So don’t you think that parents are the best teachers!
Firstly, our parents know us very much. Parents give us life, and I think that we will spend a large amount of time with them. So they know our merit and demerit in detail. Meanwhile, they will help us to get rid of our demerit.
Furthermore, parents possessed many experiences. Since they are older than us, they have experienced many things. Sometimes, they are just like our models. And as the saying goes: “Example is better than precept.” So we will unconsciously copy some of our parents’ habits and styles of behavior, i.e. we can learn many things from them.
Finally, parents will teach us everything. Since schoolteachers can just teach us knowledge from books, our parents can teach us everything. For example, I learn knitting, cooking, and makeup from my mother, while learn fixing leaky faucets from my father. They are the people who love me most, so they will teach me everything without reservations.
Just as the saying goes: “There is no place like home.” And I think there is no teacher like our parents. They are the best teachers in our life.

English Writing Practice: Topic 1 – Sample 2

In China, more and more people try their best to attend college or university. What are the reasons that make people long for it?
First of all, in my opinion, the most important reason is to gain competence to live a better life in the future. Competition of our days has become more and more drastic, and even a very simple job or low position will attract hundreds of candidates to apply for it. Only those who have a good education and general knowledge can gain better work. So, we should attend college or university for better competence.
Second, attending college or university can change our life. For example, to myself, I am a student from the countryside. I am one of the few people who can attend college or university. Most of those who have not studied in college or university go to work early in a small factory in a small town or
on a farm in their hometown. Just because I have taken higher education, I can get better chances to study or work in the capital of our country where a lot of people want to go to. Why? Good education gives me chances to change my life.
The third reason for attending college is to increase knowledge. The study is so interesting thing that it makes our life rich and colorful. It expands our eyesight by informing us of lots of new things that we cannot gain from our common life or experience. On the other hand, by attending college or university, you can learn the knowledge or skill necessary for your future work.
People attend college or university for various reasons. Some may attend for new experiences, and others may think about other things. What I have mentioned is just very few of them.

English Writing Practice: Topic 1 – Sample 3

Parents influence greatly their children for a lifetime. I think people are molded by two factors, family and the society that they are in. From birth, humans are influenced by the surrounding people for their characteristics. Parents take a big role in bringing up children, which affects their lives for a long time. In early infanthood, babies are looking to moms and dads to learn basic manners to be accepted in society. Some of these manners include not running around in restaurants or hitting other kids. As they grow up, they learn more from parents about social etiquette, which makes them more suitable to live in society. Children tend to look to their parents for role models knowingly or unknowingly. Besides, parents can also affect children’s study habits. Children of doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, and other professionals see their mothers and fathers work a lot of time, reading books, and punching keyboards, even at home. They are showing their children how to study by their own behavior. However, parents can also be a bad example for their kids. It is difficult for children who have abusive parents to lead a normal childhood and is possible that they may become similar to their abusive parents when they grow up. In this sense, the parents’ negative role in shaping the children’s personality cannot be emphasized more. In conclusion, parents are the best teachers for their children. They leave big marks on their children’s lives and are therefore more influential teachers than any others they may have in their lives.

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