English Writing Practice: Topic 11 – Sports or library?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion

English Writing Practice: Topic 11 – Sample 1

In my point of view, sports activities are as important as , if not more important than, good libraries. So it is wise for universities to give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give their university libraries. There are numerous clear reasons and i would explore some important ones here.

First, good health is the prerequiste for future success. Universities are not only the place for students to expand their minds, but also a place for student to build their body. A good health is very essential for study and future success. In our university,there are several middle-aged teachers and researchers suffer from diseases,some even died when they were atill at the acme of their academic achievements. This is a great loss for their families and our university.

Second, through sports activities,student can benefit both physically and mentally.Anyone who has played in a football game knows that the cooperation and competition are important for success. They are two basic traits for those who want to succeed,and student who can combine them harmoniously have better chance of success in the future.

Third, investment in sports activities can save money in the long run. In China, all of students medical expenses are patronized by government and this is a heavy burden. If the students health imporved, a lot of money can be saved every year. With these money,universities can build more classrooms, laboratories and libraries.

Of course, good libraries are also important for universities. A good library with its large collection of books is the pride and symbol of a prominent university. Both libraries and sports activities are indispensable for university, so it is wise for universities give the same amount of money to their student activities as they give to their libraries.

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English Writing Practice: Topic 11 – Sample 2

I disagree strongly with the idea that the same amount of money should go to university sports activities as to university libraries. Although playing sports is a wonderful way to learn about teamwork, strategy and reaching your goals, it should not be the principal focus of a university education.

Students need the most up-to-date library facilities available to get the best education. Many of those facilities are very expensive to buy and maintain. These include computerized programs and access to Internet research databases that students can use to find information all around the world. If a university is only offering its students resources of a decade ago, it’s depriving those students of a tremendous amount of information.

Even the book and magazine budget of universities has gone up tremendously in the last decade. More is being published on every subject, and every university wants to have this information available to its students.

It also costs money for universities to keep their libraries open. Students need to have access to all the libraries’ research tools as much of the time as possible. Because students are young and can stay up all night studying, many universities are starting to leave their libraries open all night during exam periods. This costs money, because the staff has to be paid extra to be there. It also costs money to run the building (electricity, heat) during that time.

Students at universities are only going to benefit from their education if they can get to all the tools they need to learn. Sports are secondary to the resources that students need from university libraries. For this reason, libraries should always be better funded than sports activities.

English Writing Practice: Topic 11 – Sample 3

Both libraries and sports activities are welcome in the universities. Students could study in the libraries to build up their knowledge. They could get the information that they cannot get in the class. But knowledge is not all for the students. They are willing to have sports frequently. Anyone cannot go on his study without a healthy body. Unfortunately, if we have limited resources to put on the construction and operation of libraries or sport activities, how could we make a decision? I disagree with the statement that universities should give the same amount of money to sports activities as libraries.

The libraries is necessary part of a university. We cannot imagine a university without any library. Student would like to find books in the library to facilitate their study. The time in the class is very limited. So they could get more academic information in the library. On the other hand, students could enjoy sports outside the campus. Many people just like running, which doesn’t need any investment.

Considering the operation of the establishments, we should certainly pay more to run a library than the sports activities. With the development of the informationalization of the world, more and more books are published. In order to possess those books, universities must pay a lot money on them. While running a stadium is much more easier.

Because university is a place to study, it is natural that more students go to the library. Whenever you go to the library, you will see diligent students studying there. Especially in the examination period, you can hardly find a vacant seat.

To sum up, sports activities are very important to students health, but if there is limited money, we have to spend more money on libraries than on sports activities. Because libraries are necessities of a university, which need a large amount of money to run, and many students enjoy them.

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