Common English Phrases – 120 Useful English Phrases for Everyday Use | Lesson 4

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Common English Phrases – 120 Useful English Phrases for Everyday Use | Lesson 4

76. in fact means actually, the truth is
Example: The man has been to China before. In fact, he has been there three times.

77. in favor of (someone or something) means to approve or support someone or something
Example: Everybody is in favor of the new police chief. My company is not in favor of changing our holiday schedule.

78. in general means in most situations or circumstances
Example: In general, most of the people in our apartment are happy with the new manager.

79. in order to mean for the purpose of
Example: They have decided to close down the school for the summer in order to do some major repairs.

80. in other words means in a different (usually more direct) way
Example: In other words, if you do not finish the assignment by Wednesday you will not pass the course.

81. in place means in the proper place or location
Example: Everything in the room was in place when we arrived for the meeting.

82. in some ways means in some unspecified way or manner, by some unspecified means
Example: In some ways, I know what my friend means but in some ways I do not.

83. in terms of (something) means with regard to something
Example: In terms of our agreement with the other company we were not allowed to sell the products online.

84. in time means early enough
Example: I did not come home in time to meet my cousin.

85. keep (someone or something) in mind means to remember and think about someone or something
Example: I told my co-workers to keep the new starting time for work in mind.

86. kind of means somewhat, more or less, moderately
Example: I was kind of tired when I arrived home last night.

87. look for (something) means to try to find something, to hunt/search for something
Example: My friend has been looking for her credit card all morning but she can`t find it.

88. lookup (something) means to search for something in a dictionary or other book
Example: I will look up my friend’s name in the telephone book. I looked up the word in the dictionary.

89. make a difference means to cause a change in a situation
Example: It does not make a difference whether our boss comes to the meeting or not.

90. make sense means to seem reasonable
Example: His new proposal really does make sense.

91. make sure means to make certain, to establish something without a doubt
Example: I want to make sure that my friend is going to meet me tomorrow.

92. more or less means somewhat, to some extent
Example: I more or less have decided to study business next year.

93. no matter means regardless
Example: No matter how hard I try, my piano teacher is never satisfied.

94. not at all means certainly not
Example: I am not at all happy with my new computer.

95. of course means certainly, definitely, naturally
Example: Of course you can use my car if you want to.

96. on the other hand means, however, in contrast, looking at the opposite side of a matter
Example: He is very intelligent but on the other hand he is very lazy and always gets low marks at school.

97. on time means at the scheduled time, exactly at the correct time, punctually
Example: Our train arrived exactly on time.

98. once again means again, one more time, once more
Example: I tried once again to phone my boss at his home .

99. open to (something) means to be agreeable to learn or hear about new ideas or suggestions
Example: Most members of the class were open to the teacher’s ideas.

100. pick up (something) means to get or receive something
Example: I will pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow. I picked up a copy of the newspaper at the station.

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