Big Secret for Mastering and Getting Fluent 4 English Skill Quickly

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Hi, everyone

Today we will reveal a big secret for mastering 4 English skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) in a short time

Have you ever wondered that you have learnt English for a long time?. But you can not speak, listen, read and write. It’s due to the fact that you have not reached the right and suitable method.

So, Today, let’s follow us and we shall reveal the perfect way to master 4 skills in learning English. This method has already helped more than 1 million learners over the world.

How to Learn English effectively through short stories (Video & Ebook)

The big secret is:

Choosing a trustworthy source of learning English. Learning as deep as possible with 4 skills

The meaning of the secret:

Learn deeply to observe Language rather than Learn a lot without observation


Now, let’s get started!

Step 1: Choose a trust English source

Some sources that we want to suggest to you:

According to the method and in this video guideline, we shall choose the CNN student news as a source, of course, you can use VOA, or others source that you feel suitable (it depends on your level)

Why CNN student news?  Of course, there have lots of sources for learning English but I suggest you should take advantage of this channel because:

  • It’s the ten-minute American channel that consists of a variety of different and reliable news ranged from politics, sports to entertainment news.
  • Especially, it’s a commercial-free channel, produced by journalists and educators at CNN to provide middle and high school students a source of news program where you can find useful information with the standard accents of MC.

Note: Speakers of CNN channel speak quite quickly, it suits for Upper-intermediate to a higher level, We suggest the VOA channel for beginner level.

Step 2: How to learn 4 skills

As you know, the process of learning any language when we’re babies is that

Listening -> Speaking -> Reading -> Writing

So the question now is how to make use of this source to learn the above process: listening, speaking, reading, and writing with many topics on CNN news.

You must follow 4 steps (the process of learning language) that I mention to you below and check the result after one month. I’m sure it works.

Step 1&2: Listening & Reading skills:

  • Choose one topic you like and pick up the easiest one to start. At first, you should listen three to four times. Don’t care much if you can’t listen accurately or miss the words. Just to help you to be acquaintance with the pronunciation and intonation of the speaker. (For example: Refer to this post: Learning English words with Cnn Student News: Topic 1 – Volcano)
  • After listening, take the script of this dialogue, read out loud and slowly to remember how the word is pronounced and highlight as well look for the meaning of all the useful words includes collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, “ the topic words”. You don’t need to remember all the words, just 5 words for each dialogue.
  • When you understand the words, listen again around 1-2 times to figure out the content of the dialogue

Step 3: Speaking skill:

After you understand the main ideas, it’s time for you to shine alone. Use topic words from the dialogue as “ keywords” to speak about that dialogue, but in your way.

Remember to record it yourself.

Step 4: Writing Skill:

At that time, you should rewrite the dialogue by using the topic words and the main ideas of the dialogue. Try to use your own grammar to paraphrase the essay and even develop the ideas deeper.

With one topic, you can practice 4 skills deeply, we’re sure that you shall remember the vocabulary about this topic for a long time.


Following all the steps in one month. You will feel the results apparently. Don’t hesitate to kick your ass and start now. Remember “ Practice makes perfect

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