5 Best Tools For Essay Summarization For Students [Free]


Summarizing essays is compulsory for students to complete their work with authenticity and on time. It is common to face problems like lack of research when a student gets assignments to submit within a short deadline period

If you are struggling with the research phase/summarizing phase for your essay? You will not need to worry now. In this article, we are going to show you some of the best summarizing tools that can let you summarize your essays within a few seconds.

You can get a summary of as many essays as you want and make your research phase quick. Let us show you those tools along with a quick overview of the benefits of using such tools.

Benefits of Using a Summarizer

Using a summarizer will assist you in different disciplines. Being a student, it is hard to read long essays and understand every single word or phrase. Without understanding, you will not be able to get the core meanings of the essay and unable to use those concepts or ideas in your assignment.

A summarizing tool will understand your given text and then extract the main idea. In the end, it will show you that idea in its writings. So, you can easily check the main concept of your inserted text and be able to understand it quickly. Here are some benefits of using this tool.

  • Shorten the research time
  • Enable to understand the main idea quickly
  • Help you in summarizing the text easily
  • Don’t need extra proficiency in the language to use this tool

5 Best Summarizing Tools 

On the internet, you can find multiple summarizing tools that claim to be the best. Not all of those are the best because some of them have limited features while some others have a high subscription.

Both these problems make it hard for a student to use a summarizing tool without research. For keeping you in comfortable condition, we have researched and enlisted the 5 best tools to use in this regard. Let’s read about these tools and their features.

1.     Summarizing Tool by Summarizer.org 

At the top of our tool’s list, we have a summarizer offered by summarizer.org. It is one of those tools that have extensive features to make this process fast and reliable. By using this tool, you can summarize your essays within a few seconds.

Features of This Summarizer 

This tool has multiple features that make it better than many other tools available on the internet. First of all, it enables you to set the length of your summary using a bar. Just above the text insertion box, you will find a controller named Summary Length.

You can set how much length you want to reduce in the summary. Secondly, it is considered the best because of its multi-lingual work. It means that you can summarize your essays even if they have been written in other languages.

This summarizer supports around 10 languages which makes it perfect for students from all regions. Thirdly, it has multiple options available to apply to the summarized text. Just above the summary preview box, you will get three advanced buttons.

By default, it will be set as Summary which will display a complete preview of the summary. If you have a time shortage, you can also check the preview in the Bullet list or ask the tool to show you the Best Line. In this way, you can easily make your research process quick by using different controllers in the summary.

How to Use This Summarizer?

  • Insert your text by pasting it or uploading a file from your device

  • Click on the Summarize Now button
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • The tool will display a summary of your text in the opposite box

  • Use the above-mentioned controllers as per your requirements

2.     Summarizing Tool by Check-Plagiarism

In the second position, we have another summarizing tool offered by check-plagiarism. It is a fine tool that can help you to get a summary of your text within a few seconds. This tool is perfect for those students who don’t want to work with extra controllers and buttons.

Features of This Summarizer 

This tool has a simple interface that makes it a perfect choice for students to get their essays summary. You will not need to use different buttons to customize the process. This summary generator has been designed with a one-click working concept.

In simple words, you only have to insert your text and click on the given button. The tool has an AI-based algorithm with which it will understand your text first. After this, it will extract the main words and merge them into its own words.

As a result, you will be able to preview your summary on the screen and understand hundreds of words in a few lines. Secondly, this tool has no word limit which makes it a reliable tool for every student.

Whether you want to summarize a short essay or looking to summarize hundreds of words, it will not restrict your working. You only have to follow the upcoming steps to use this tool without considering the length of the essay.

How to Use This Summarizer?

  • Go to this summarizer
  • Paste your text in the given box or click on the Upload file button

  • Once done, you need to click on Summarize button
  • Wait until you will be shown a summary preview box

  • To use this tool again, you can also click on the Reset button

Along with features, it also has a few problems due to which we have ranked it in the second position. First of all, it will not allow you to adjust the length of your summary. Secondly, it has a short preview box which makes it difficult to get a clear preview of the text. In this way, it will be harder to read and understand the summary.

3.     Summarizing Tool by Utilities-online

Another summary generator with advanced features is here. Utilities-online is offering a tool with some extensive features that can make your summary-generating process more entertaining. For your essay summary, you should try this tool with the following features.

Features of This Summarizer 

Like the previous tools, this tool has many features that make it a proper choice for ranking in our list. First of all, this tool has multiple options that you can implement before using this tool. You can choose the preview option of your summary before clicking on the given button.

This tool has multiple boxes just above the text insertion box. These are named “Show Bullets”, “Best Line”, and “Ranked Base”. It has an advanced algorithm with the help of which it can give scores to all lines of the summary.

In this way, you can get them aligned in a proper way to read the best lines one by one. Secondly, this tool has a length adjuster that can help you to set whether you need a long summary or a short one. No doubt, both these features are available in the tool that has been listed in the first position.

But it has a different summary preview that makes it better than that specific tool. In this tool, you can get a display of all summary previews at a time. In simple words, it will show you a general summary as well as the one that you have selected by clicking on the box given beside a name.

How to Use This Summarizer?

  • Browse this tool
  • Paste your text or upload file by clicking on the button given there

  • Choose all the given options as per your requirements
  • Click on the Summarize button
  • Get a preview in the opposite box labeled with “Output”

  • You can also download or copy that summary on your device’s clipboard

The only reason why we have listed it in the third position is its single language working. This tool will allow you to summarize the text of your essays only when it is written in English.

4.     Summarizing Tool by Summary-tool

Another summarizing tool with an unlimited word count for students is here. This tool is completely free to use without any word count. You can use this tool as many times as you want because it has no limit on usage.

Features of This Summarizer 

As compared to the above tools, it has only a few features. But these features make it a better choice for students to get a summary of their essays. First of all, it enables you to use this tool with a single click.

You only have to insert your text and click on the give button to get started. This tool has an efficient algorithm that will enable you to get a summary just according to your given text’s dimensions.

Secondly, this tool does not demand any login to use it. You only have to browse this tool and use it to get your essays summarized without wasting your time. Also, you can use this tool to generate a summary of multiple essays even as a free user.

How to Use This Summarizer?

  • Just insert your text
  • Click on the length adjustment bar to do so

  • Tap on the Summarize Text button
  • Wait for a new box to get a summary of your essay

But it has some drawbacks as compared to the above tools due to which we have it on the fourth position. Firstly, it will not enable you to get a preview of the summary and original text side by side. In this way, you can’t check if you can rely on results or not.

Secondly, it does not have any advanced buttons like the best line display or anything like this. Thirdly, it is a tool for a single language which is English. So, you will not be able to use this tool if your essay is in any other language.

5.     Summarizing Tool by Esummarizer

If you don’t want to get a summary of your essay in paragraphs, you can use this tool. This summary generator will enable you to get the preview in sentence-wise format. It will be simple for you to read the summary and understand the whole essay in a few lines.

Features of This Summarizer 

Like other summarizers, it also has a simple interface that can be understood by anyone. You can get a summary of your essay by clicking on a single button. Its simple interface makes it a reliable choice for any student.

Doesn’t matter whether you have used such tools before or not, it will enable you to be comfortable while using them. The most important feature of this tool is sentence fixing. This tool will enable you to set how many sentences you want to get in your summary.

In this way, you can choose whether you need 5 sentences summary or 10 sentences summary. It enables you to adjust the summary length in an advanced mode.

How to Use This Summarizer?

  • Open this summarizer
  • Click on the text insertion box
  • Insert your text by pasting it from your clipboard

  • Click on the Summarize button after set number of sentences
  • Get a preview of the summary just beside your inserted text

  • Click on the Save button if you want to keep it for later use

This tool has some limitations like no advanced mode, dull preview, and slow working. Due to these reasons, we have ranked it in the fifth position on our list.

Final Verdict

With the above discussion, you must have got an idea why these tools are considered the best. We have properly discussed these tools and their benefits. You can use any of these tools if you want to summarize your essays and want to make your writing process fast.

It will help you in completing your assignment within the due date. Moreover, it will be simple for you to get an idea about multiple essays in a few minutes or hours.